torstai 24. maaliskuuta 2011

writers block

i'm having a slight writer's block - on writing music that is. if sequencing and twiddling on the computer can be called writing music. i try to keep pauses and come back to work on the tunes again but it doesn't work, i've become so demanding and pessimistic of my stuff. all my samples sound shit and i can't even synthesize a nice sub, let a lone work out a lovely bassline or a chord progression. ending this rant with a nice song.

7 kommenttia:

  1. I know exactly how you feel...

    When i sit down and write a song, i end up with a skeleton of a tune and then lose interest... feels bad man :[

  2. I've been going through this recently, challenge yourself to write some stuff that you'd never normally bother with. Been working for me

  3. write something that you don't usualy delve with at all, if you have look at my page scroll down to the post 'Do You Ever Wish'

    i had writers block, and came out with that.
    not a full song at all, but it was nice to take my mind off stuff with.

    midipiano pwns! ;p

    good luck with writing!

  4. love the bass in this song, the way its slides up.

  5. know the feeling, i try to as much as possible with a midi keyboard to try to retain some of that "making music" feel and less of the "clicking pixels on a screen" feel.

  6. Know whaat you mean about being pessimistic about your own work.

    I always get this and always feel my tunes can be better, but you just have to stop your self from tweaking stuff too much because after a while the song is completely different (in a bad way) from how you originaly intended it to sound.

  7. ^ exactly right on the money about the too much tweaking.. shit is difficult.